Oxygen Cylinder Portable.

 $15.00 Unit Price

The Oxygen portable tank Independence is a Portable Oxygen Tank (POT) which come with medical grade oxygen on a demand basis (up to 6 LPM) OR continuous flow (up to 10 LPM). It can be used as both a portable and stationary source of oxygen. It is less than half the size and weight of most basic oxygen tanks making it a great option for travel.

It contains a regulator of oxygen and  It provides a safe, secure & self-contained source of oxygen for travelers That love to be free during their Vacation.


Handicap Travelers DR offer these tanks for all customer that need be prepare on their vacation time.

1-Oxygen Regulator.

2-Nasal Cannula.


Day based pricing : Oxygen Cylinder Portable.
$15.00 / days
Hourly based pricing

$0.59 / per hour

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