Beach Sand Wheelchair

 $50.00 Unit Price

Beach Wheelchair offer the best Manufactured Of Health Care Grade Polymer Plastics which are Phthalates and Lead Free; Contoured Frame- No Sharp Edges to Avoid Skin Break , very easy to drive in the sand of  any beaches located around our coast of the Punta Cana or La Romana,  Many of our models can be Use in all major beaches &  resort located  in Jamaica, most of our client love this type of model for confortable and very dynamic Function.

Take back the outdoors and enjoy your life with our strong, lightweight, and guaranteed, our Beach Sand Wheelchair is safe and comfortable and easy to clean and sanitize.

Built Strong to Last
Healthcare grade, lightweight,. mobile, easy to assemble.  This All Terrain Chair is reinforced at all stress related areas, and has a rust proof frame.

Safe and Comfortable
The surfaces are smooth, and made with rounded corners.  The PVC is warm to the touch, whereas metals can tend to feel super hot and cold depending on the situation.

Clean and Sanitary
The impervious PVC sheds water and any other fluids, which makes cleaning and disinfecting the Beach Wheelchair easy.  PVC resists stains and odors.

Accessories Available: Nautica Umbrella.

Weight Support: 350 Lbs

Day based pricing : Beach Wheelchairs
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